Open Lab Hours

The Open Lab Hours program is an exciting opportunity for rising 8th and 9th graders to work with Paly Robotics members at our lab this summer. Through this program, we aim to give students a taste of high school robotics and to inspire them to pursue it in the future. To register, click on the Registration button above.

Dates and Times (Note: There may be additional opportunities on other days):
Thursday 6:30pm - 9pm
Saturday 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 2pm - 5pm

What We Do

Paly Robotics competes in FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), a competitive high school robotics league. In January, FRC teams are given a game challenge and six weeks to brainstorm, design and build a fully functioning robot to play the game. Teams then attend competitions, where they face off against each other in exciting three-on-three matches.

More general information about FRC can be found here and the game reveal video for the 2018 game, FIRST Power Up, can be found here. You can see our 2018 competition robot in action in our reveal video.

Summer Projects

Below are some of the major projects that students participating in Open Lab Hours will be working on.

Power Up Switch Robot
This summer, we are constructing another Power Up robot that will be optimized to score on the switch and scale. Students will have the chance to work with team members on brainstorming ideas, prototyping mechanisms, and building the final robot. Along the way, they will learn about the mechanical design process and the importance of iteration.

Summer Camp Preparations
The Paly Robotics Summer Camp is a major undertaking for our team, and a lot of work must be done before the camp begins in July. Students will help out with preparing and testing the drivetrains used in the Robot Design and Hardware session, as well as assembling the game field that matches will be played on during the last day of camp.