Our Other Sites
Paly Robotics Videos The Paly Robotics YouTube channel.
Paly Robotics Facebook The Paly Robotics Facebook page, which contains updates for the team.
Paly Robotics Twitter The Paly Robotics Twitter page, which contains bite-sized updates for the team.
Release and Consent Form for FIRST Please make sure you have this form signed so you can participate in FIRST.
STIMS Sign up for STIMS (Student Team Information Members System).
STIMS FAQ A webpage with answers to common questions about signing up for STIMS.
Build Files
Octagon Concept CAD Octagon Concept CAD
Six Wheel Concept A concept CAD for a 6-wheel drivetrain.
Leadership Meeting Agenda A google document that contains notes from the most recent leadership meeting.
Leadership Meeting Agenda Topic Submission Fill out this simple form to add a topic to the Monday meeting agenda!

Map to location

Map to lab