A FIRST Robotics Team since 1996
Palo Alto High School
FRC Team #8

Palo Alto High School Vikings

Paly Robotics is dedicated to enriching the education of its members through building, programming, animation, and community outreach. We have been a FIRST team since 1996.


Our robotics team needs money to be able to thrive, and for this reason we depend on our gracious sponsors. We welcome donations of all amounts. To view our sponsors check out our Sponsors page.


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The Paly Robotics team is happy to have been a part of FIRST for 18 years. For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology has a term "gracious professionalism" that we believe everyone should abide by. The first regional competiton that we will be attending will be in Madera from March 7th to 9th. The second will be in San Jose from April 3rd to 5th. To read more about FIRST go to our FIRST page or check out their website.

Our team beliefs

Our team is focused on learning new skills, which includes leadership, teamwork, and the overall team experience. We are a completely student-run team and whatever the finished product might be, it is always a result of students work, not mentors. Not many teams can say that. Other teams might think of winning as having a trophy by the end of the competition, but our version of winning can be failure.