Paly Robotics Summer Camp 2022

We are planning to hold Paly Robotics Summer Camp 2022 in-person, both indoors and outdoors, on the Paly campus if public health and PAUSD guidance continues to allow. A final decision on camp format will be made by June 2022.

Registration will open on Sunday, January 30th at 12 pm.

For more information, please check out the FAQ page. Feel free to email if you have any additional questions.

Weeks OfferedWeek 1: June 20 - June 24
Week 2: June 27 - July 1
Time9 am - 3 pm
LocationPalo Alto High School
AgeIncoming 6th to 9th graders
Cost$405 per camper, per session (please email us if you are in need of financial aid)

Be sure to check out our Paly Robotics Summer Camp 2017 Recap Video to get a taste of what camp is like:

More than Robots

When most people think about robotics, they picture computer-controlled machines that are coded to complete certain tasks. While building and programming robots are a big part of what we do, our team provides many more opportunities outside of traditional technical fields. We have different subteams and groups that focus on other non-technical aspects, including art, public relations, and student leadership, to name a few. Through the different sessions offered, campers will be able to experience what makes our team more than just robotics. To learn more about the various sessions, check out the Sessions page.


Our team embraces and fosters a student-run philosophy, promoting student leadership as well as sustainability through having experienced veteran members pass down knowledge to younger students. Reflecting on this philosophy, our high school team members will be the counselors teaching campers and enriching their STEAM education. Just as we were mentored by older team members, we hope to be able to share what we have learned to the younger generation.

Sessions Offered

Week 1 (June 20 - June 24)
Robot Design and Hardware
(Registration Closed)
(Registration Closed)
Entrepreneurship and Web Design
(Registration Closed)
Animation and Graphic Design
(Registration Closed)
Week 2 (June 27 - July 1)
Robot Design and Hardware
(Registration Closed)
(Registration Closed)
Entrepreneurship and Web Design
(Registration Closed)
Animation and Graphic Design
(Registration Closed)

Robot Design and Hardware

In the Robot Design and Hardware session, campers will be given the engaging, hands-on experience of designing and building a competitive robot. These robots will be created to complete a FIRST Robotics Competition-style game challenge, which will be revealed at the beginning of the week. In order to ideate and iterate upon their robots’ mechanisms, campers will learn how to use power tools and industry-standard machines. Members of Paly Robotics will be working with campers throughout the process to help them problem-solve, cooperate as a team, and prepare for an exciting tournament at the end of the week.


The Programming session seeks to ignite an interest in computer science through its applications in robotics. Using Python, campers will dive deep into the various aspects of robot development through hands-on experience in controlling our team’s competition bots. From driving the robot to utilizing vision pipelines, by the end of the course, all students will have learned new concepts and have the technical know-how to write functional robot code. All levels of experience are encouraged to come, with a unique curriculum for both new programmers and advanced ones.

Entrepreneurship and Website Design

The Entrepreneurship and Web Design session gives campers an overview of business-related dealings with curriculum that covers how to develop and launch their own professional startup companies. Campers will learn fundamental skills such as marketing and advertising, as well as create plans regarding finance and company growth. To showcase their business proposals at the end of the week, campers will also learn HTML, CSS, and Git to design their company websites.

Animation and Graphic Design

The Animation and Graphic Design session gives campers an overview of animation while cultivating a design-based skill set. Campers will learn the basics of animation, as well as art and design principles such as typography and composition through the lens of graphic design. At the end of the week, campers will have created an animated short, movie poster, and merchandise design, among other projects.

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What age group is served by the camp?

The camp is for students entering 6th - 9th grade in Fall of 2022. Campers will be working with counselors and other students via small group discussions and break-out sessions so it is important they are able to stay focused the entire time and engage with their groups.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are members of the Paly Robotics team. They are experienced in the specific session subject matter and are eager to share their knowledge and passion for the subject with your camper.

Is previous experience required?

Not at all. Our camp will have activities for campers to participate in regardless of previous experience. We just ask that you come with an open mind and are ready to learn.

Is it required to attend both weeks?

It is not required to attend both weeks. The curriculum in each session is repeated each week.

How much is the registration fee for this summer camp this year?

The registration fee is $405 per camper, per session. Please register first and then email us at if you are in need of financial aid.

When is the camp offered and what are the different sessions?

We are offering the camp the week of July 20th and the week of June 27th. Each week, there are four different sessions to choose from. Check out the Sessions tab for more information.

What COVID-19 safety guidelines will be followed ?

We will follow all state, county, and school COVID-19 guidelines as of the start date of each week of camp. As the guidelines are currently changing and evolving weekly, we will send out the exact details before the start of each week of camp so parents and campers are aware of all guidelines that will be implemented (masks, social distancing, etc.). We are committed to the safety of all campers and counselors, and thus will carefully follow the recommended guidelines at the time of camp.

What is the cancellation policy?

As we understand that plans often change over the summer, we will refund any registration cancellations before May 16th with a processing fee of $12.05 per 1 week of camp payment. Any cancellations made after May 16th will incur a fee of $200 per session. However, if the situation arises in which you cancel after June 6th, we unfortunately will not be able to refund you.

Do you provide financial aid?

Yes, we will provide financial aid if needed. Please register first, and then email us at

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept payment through PayPal or credit/debit card via PayPal. If you are unable to pay using either of these options, please contact us at

When do I need to pay by?

Please pay as soon as you register using the PayPal button on the confirmation page. All camp registrations that do not have payment accounted for within 24 hours of signing up will be cancelled.

For incoming freshmen, does attending the camp affect the chance of being on the team the next year?

Team membership is evaluated on the interest and commitment a student shows during their freshman evaluation period. We cannot promise that summer camp will have an impact on our decision.