Paly Robotics Art Team


Step 1: Steam Until Hot (2017)

"Step 1: Steam Until Hot" is the animation that we created for the FIRST Robotics Competition 2017 Digital Animation Award.

Click here to see "Step 1: Steam Until Hot (2017)" on YouTube

Closing Time (2016)

Our submission for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Safety Animation competition, which follows the steampunk theme of FIRST Steamworks 2017.

Click here to see "Closing Time (2016)" on YouTube

What to do During a Code Red (2016)

A short, animated PSA about what students should do upon the event that an active shooter comes to a school campus, commissioned by the Palo Alto High School vice-principal, Mr. Berkson, and completed in two weeks.

Click here to see "What to do During a Code Red (2016)" on YouTube

Persistence (2016)

The animation created for the 2016 FIRST Robotics Safety Animation competition, which the Art Team, despite being unable to finish in time to submit, perserved (hence the name) and finished anyway.

Click here to see "Persistence (2016)" on YouTube

Anti-Hero (2015)

The second short made by the newly established Art Team, for the Underground Society of Animators competition, and the winner of the 2015 Technical Award. "To us, this animation hit every note. It had well done character animation, nice use of lighting and textures, and it had a cohesive story. Well done team!" - Judges

Click here to see "Anti-Hero (2015)" on YouTube

No Capes! (2014)

The first project by the new art team and its new team process. We were able to push a higher quality short in a much shorter period of time, even though a majority of the members had never animated before. The images are stills showcasing the detail in the set of the short.

Click here to see "No Capes! (2014)" on YouTube

Reminiscence (2014)

The second short made by the same group of animators. With a combination of greater skill and advanced rendering software, the end result was way prettier.

Click here to see "Reminiscence (2014)" on YouTube

No Distractions (2013)

This is an animation created for the nationwide First Robotics Safety Award. It was created with a group entirely made of first year animators who had never touched 3-D animation software in their life. This animation was created just a couple months after they started learning!

Click here to see "No Distractions (2013)" on YouTube

Graphic Design

Art Team Poster

The first public announcement of the art team. It was hung around school to raise awareness for the team.

Club Day Poster

A very large poster showcased during our school's club day to advertise robotics to the school.

Board Game Party Poster

Advertising poster for the pre-build season board game party.

Kickoff Poster

A poster advertising our kickoff event to members of robotics.

Various Sketches

Various sketches conceptualizing designs for various parts of animations. Also included is the complete storyboard for our latest animation, No Capes, showing the concept of the progression of the story.