Taiki Yamamoto



Taiki Yamamoto is a senior who joined the Paly Robotics team as a build member in his freshman year making contributions towards the robot. In his sophomore year, he was the Lab Manager working with the team to make the lab as best an environment it could be through the organization of tools and machines as well as making the most efficient and effective work space. During his junior year, as the Build Captain, he led the Build Team through the pandemic year by modifying recruitment curriculum and machine teaching to ensure the sustainability of the team. Now, as the Team Co-Captain, he aims to lead the team through a successful year. He loves the team environment and hopes to create great opportunities for team members that he experienced as a younger member.

Nicholas Shinghal



Nicholas Shinghal is a senior who joined Team 8 as a freshman, working with Business Team on finding fundraising opportunities while helping write the team’s business plans and awards materials. Nicholas worked with the team’s sponsorship and awards processes as Business Project Manager and Business Captain while pursuing outreach initiatives such as the team’s partnership with the Imagination Lab School and its free Zoom lessons, and also presents Chairmans at competition. This year, as team co-captain, he aims to continue promoting outreach both within and beyond the local community and create a team environment in which all students can excel.

Arundhati Parikh

Technical Director


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Keith Worrell

Head Coach


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Madeleine Kelly

Art Captain


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Ryan Lee

Build Captain


Ryan Lee is a junior who joined Paly Robotics as a build recruit freshman year. In his sophomore year, Ryan served as the team’s Lab Manager, working to ensure a safe and highly effective lab environment. Notably, he worked with leadership to facilitate a safe return to the lab during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Build Captain, Ryan manages the Build Subteam as well as the machining and assembly of the robot. One of his central goals this year is to develop sustainability in the team’s robot manufacturing skillset.

Victoria Liao

Business Captain


Joining Paly Robotics her freshman year, Victoria Liao has since worked with the rest of Business Team to find various fundraising opportunities and write the team’s business plans and awards materials. In her sophomore year, she acted as the team’s Competition Manager, organizing competition logistics and later continuing her leadership journey as Business Project Manager during her junior year. As this year’s Business Captain, Victoria aims to expand upon the team’s fundraising and outreach initiatives, continuing to work with the rest of Business to foster a bright and sustainable team future.

Shalen Ardeshna

Design Captain


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Alexis Kim

Software Captain


Alexis Kim is a junior who has been on Paly Robotics since her freshman year. As the software captain, she is responsible for managing the code that controls the robot’s actions. This year, she hopes to maintain a clean and efficient codebase while promoting a collaborative and safe environment for everyone.

Aditya Ramanathan

Strategy & Scouting Captain


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Shanna Deivanayagam

Lab Manager


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Risha Suvarna

Pit Manger


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Susanna Aufrichtig


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Ashley Qiu

Competition Manager

Ashley Qiu is senior who joined buisnness team in her sophomore year. As competition manager, she helps plan and organize the logistics behind both off-season and build seasons competitions. She has also been an active business team member since joining Team 8.

Julian Kobayashi

Media Coordinator

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Evan Seki

Electronics Lead

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