Nina Hunt



Nina Hunt is a senior that joined build team in her freshman year. As a sophomore, she was the team's treasurer, led the construction of the team's practice field, and worked on the robot's electronics. In her junior year, she became build captain, and managed the machining and assembly of the robot. Now, as the team co-captain, she hopes to lead the team through another successful season! She has always loved the community aspect of the team and hopes to help create a welcoming environment where all members can meaningfully contribute to the team.

Amy Yu



Amy Yu is a senior who joined the team in her freshman year as an Art recruit, mainly focused in graphic design. In her sophomore year, she became Art project manager and worked with then team co-captain to bring quality merchandise and branding to the team — including an online webstore for merchandise. In her junior year, she became Art Captain and led art subteam to create a children’s storybook which will distributed to elementary schools across the PAUSD district and public libraries in Palo Alto. This year, as team co-captain, she plans to expand as well as create outreach initiatives, support nontechnical subteams in their endeavors, and foster a space for all members to share their experiences. Additionally, she was the co-lead for the annual Paly Robotics Summer Camp in 2020 and has been a Chairman’s presenter since her sophomore year.

Griffin Zajac

Technical Director


Griffin Zajac is a senior and has been on the Paly Robotics team ever since he joined the Design team in his freshman year. As the team's design captain last year and a member of the drive team, he has gained experience with CAD and strategic design. As the technical director this year, he is excited to put his skills to the test, managing and facilitating the team's technical progress, coordinating technical communications, and keeping all robot documentation up to date.

Kyla Fu

Design Captain


Kyla Fu is a senior that joined Design her freshman year, working with the rest of Design team to design mechanisms for the robot. In her junior year, she worked with managing deadlines and teaching younger students as Design Project Manager. This year as Design Captain, Kyla aims to continue improving our robot and improving Design's systems of communication. She also enjoys getting involved in outreach with mentoring FLL teams.

Taiki Yamamoto

Build Captain


Taiki Yamamoto is a junior who joined the Paly Robotics team as a build member in his freshman year making contributions towards the robot. In his sophomore year, he was the Lab Manager working with the team to make the lab as best an environment it could be through the organization of tools and machines as well as making the most efficient and effective work space. As the Lab Manager he contributed to the facilitating of new machines such as the CNC Router, Markforged 3D Printer, and Finger Brake. Now, as the Build Captain, he strives to continue working with Build Team to manufacture another successful robot and create a welcoming space for everyone to have a meaningful experience.

Aditya Oberai

Software Captain


Aditya Oberai is a sophomore on Paly Robotics with the position of Software Captain. His job is to deliver the software aspect of the robot by communicating with the other subteams and effectively managing the Software subteam. For fun, Aditya often programs in his free time and is also an avid electronics hobbyist as well.

Xiaohan Li

Art Captain


Xiaohan Li is a junior on Art team who joined in her freshman year. In the past year, she has worked as the Art Project Manager to direct the production process for Art team’s animations. This year, as Art Captain, Xiaohan hopes to pursue more outreach opportunities and continue to expand upon Art team’s animation capabilities.

Nicholas Shinghal

Business Captain


Nicholas Shinghal is a junior who joined Team 8 as a freshman, working with the rest of Business Team on finding fundraising opportunities while helping write the team’s business plans and awards materials. In his sophomore year with the team, Nicholas worked with the team’s sponsorship and awards processes as Business Project Manager while pursuing outreach initiatives such as Team 8's partnership with the Imagination Lab School, and also presented Chairmans at competition. This year, as Business Captain, Nicholas aims to continue working with Business Team to expand upon the team’s fundraising and awards opportunities as well as to promote more outreach programs with the team.

Keith Worrell

Head Coach


Coming Soon!

Ryan Lee

Lab Manager


Ryan Lee is a sophomore who joined Paly Robotics as a build recruit freshman year. As Lab Manager, Ryan works towards maintaining and improving the work environment in addition to ensuring that all machines are properly working

Malika Bowers

Pit Manager


Coming Soon!

Ashley Qiu

Competition Manger


Ashley Qiu joined Paly Robotics' business team as a sophomore, and has been helping with applying for grants and awards. As the competition manager, she is responsible for the behind-the-scenes organizing and planning of competitions throughout the year.