Kenneth Cheung

Team Captain

Kenny is a senior and a three-year veteran of Team 8. He was formerly Lab Manager his sophomore year and Build Captain his junior year. He was a FIRST Dean's List Semifinalist in 2016. As Team Captain, he will focus on moving the team forward to inspire new members, expand its technical abilities, and to improve its own organizational structure. Kenny enjoys random facts (did you know?), Mucho Mangoes (#youdidntseethiscoming), forklifts (not a certified operator), rivets (of all varieties), cargo pants o_o, and wearing his 2014 robotics polo (:kenny:).

Simran Pujji

Assistant Captain

Simran Pujji is a junior entering her third year on Team 8. She joined the build subteam in her freshman year and has since held the role of co-summer camp lead and competition manager, but this hasn’t stopped her from working on build projects when she can. When she is not working on robotics, she enjoys reading (and finishing homework). Her favorite part of FIRST Robotics, besides build season, is attending competitions and seeing all of the robots other teams made. She’s looking forward to another great year of FIRST Robotics with Team 8 :)

Jonathan Zwiebel

Project Manager

Before projects start, Jonathan creates schedules and milestones with the relevant leads. Throughout projects, he helps to develop methods to numerically track progress for their tasks and document the team’s progress. Finally, he ensures projects execute correctly by coordinating hours and deadlines. Jonathan was previously the programming team project manager, and is now the Zero Robotics captain, robot driver, and bike project lead. Outside of robotics, he enjoys playing baseball, reading about foreign policy, and programming.

Lauren Nolen

Strategic Director

Lauren Nolen enters her Senior year as its first Strategic Director, her responsibilities encompass all matters that concern the team in the long term. Previously, she served for two years as the team's first business captain, building it into the award winning powerhouse it is today. She was a deans list nominee last year, and this year hopes to help the team raise its eyes to see past the worries of today.

Devin Ardeshna

Build Captain

Devin joined the team in 2015 as a freshman. Initially unsure what he wanted to do, he eventually settled on being a part of the Build Team to help manufacture and assemble the robot. Sophomore year, in addition to continuing on the Build Team, Devin organized and readied the tools and supplies to take to competitions as well as kept an eye on safety while the build team was working. Throughout his Junior year, Devin hopes to bring the Build Team closer together and continue to push members to refine and improve their skills.

Nihar Mitra

Software Captain

In 2014, a single veteran member had to teach the few freshmen who joined the programming team - one of whom was Nihar. Since then, Nihar has worked to improve programming team's work and organization year after year. This summer he was elected the software captain, and hopes to advance our code for the upcoming competitions as well as organize better teaching and collaborative development.

Charlotte Brownell

Design Captain

Charlotte, a junior, is the second design captain of the Paly Robotics team. The design subteam is a newer subteam on this team, created in 2015 by Lydia, the first design captain. Design team focuses on making the concept of the robot. This process is split into four main phases: brainstorming and sketching, prototyping, CADing, and part drawings. After the design team finishes the design of the robot, the part drawings are handed off to build team to manufacture the robot.

Annalee Soohoo

Business Captain

Annalee Soohoo is a junior who joined Paly Robotics her sophomore year. Her strong interest in economics and entrepreneurship led her to the Business Team. Business Captain's role is to oversee corporate sponsorships, FRC awards, community outreach, and other team managerial efforts. In her spare time, Annalee enjoys baking, drawing, and reading. Annalee considers the robotics lab her second home.

Maya Chin

Art Captain

Maya is a junior who joined Paly Robotics her freshman year as an animator and storyboard artist, eventually becoming the Art Project Manager her sophomore year, before having to take up the mantle of Art Captain when both her predecessors were brutally murdered. When not holding serious meetings at Tin Pot or Kirk’s with the Art Team Leadership, she spends her time doing odd-jobs for Paly Theatre and her APUSH homework. And yes, it is very funny that her name is Maya and the Art Team uses Autodesk Maya. In fact, it's so funny that you should definitely make that joke to her face for the 9,999th time, because it hasn’t gotten old by now at all. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Madeline Li

Web Captain

Madeline has been on the robotics team for three years and counting. As a freshman, she was a build team member. As a sophomore, she was treasurer. And now, as a junior, she is web captain. During her years on the team, Madeline has learned a lot and hopes to continue her career on the team.

Shota Yamamoto

Lab Manager

Shota Yamamoto is a junior on Team 8 and has been on the team since his sophomore year. He was originally on business team, but realized that his true passion was being more hands on with the robot. While on business, Shota helped find sponsors, and his hard work helped find the team food sponsors for build season. In addition, he was the lead for the Spirit and Stanford Concessions committees. As the year progressed, he found himself helping and organizing scouting and strategy at competitions, cage reorganization in the offseason and the PALY Robotics summer camp. Hoping to make a difference on Team 8, he delved into all work he was given, and is the reason he is our lab manager this year.

Kendall Shaw


Kendall started out as an eager build team freshman and quickly showed that he was up for any challenge. As the year ended, he stepped into the role of treasurer, a position vital for keeping the team running. In the coming year, Kendall is looking forward to improving the treasury system on the team as well as continuing to be an active member of build team.

Liam Sherlock

Competition Management

Liam Sherlock is a senior member of Team 8, currently working as a competition manager. In the past, he worked as a programmer, contributing code to our central codebase. However, in this incoming year, his primary role is to plan the logistics for our regional and offseason competitions. Whether it’s booking hotels, planning daytrips, or feeding the whole team, Liam does it all! When he’s not planning competitions or helping around the lab, he enjoys juggling and art.

Eddie Shi

Pit Management/Safety Captain

Eddie joined the build subteam of Paly robotics during his freshman year. As a sophomore, he currently oversees the pit, the place where the robot gets fixed during competition, and makes sure that it is well stocked to fix the robot at anytime. He also makes sure that people are being safe when using machines or power tools. During this coming year, he hopes to make a bigger impact on Team 8 and also make sure that everyone is safe while constructing/fixing the robot.

James Ngo

Team Glue

James Ngo is a senior member of Paly robotics. Returning for his fourth year, James originally joined in his freshman year as part of the programming sub team. Through his hard work and dedication, James was soon promoted to the programming team captain. He held that post for two years and has been promoted to chief glue. Now he coordinates inner team events and acts as the “glue” that helps the team act as one cohesive unit.

Chris Kuszmaul

Head Coach

Mr. Kuszmaul grew up in Kansas, went to MIT in the 80’s, worked as a scientist at NASA in the 90’s and took care of his children and learned to be a teacher in the 2000’s. Since 2012 he has been working to make Paly Robotics a place where people can be who they are, enabled by the wisdom and fruits of science and engineering. He is also a 6th degree black belt in AIkido, the martial art of peace. His wife teases him about this, by asking him if he is aware of the definition of the word “martial.”.